Astrology Of Odd Couples: When “Incompatible” Couples Attract

Astrology has been around for ages, it’s believed to help people predicting the future events, and analyze the compatibility between couples. Over thousands of years, many civilizations used horoscopes to hunt for their ideal life partners; some even have their own establish authorities to complete this task. Such authorities comprise of the learned scholars of astrology and often helped the people not just searching for the right partner, but also solving the compatibility issues between the couples. This practice continues to thrive even in the modern age; several people prefer to consult astrologers regarding the compatibility between couples before marriage. On a flip side, very few of them actually understand the concepts of astrology; meanwhile other so called experts are busy selling their magazines or services featuring astrology.
odd couple astrology
Although I often met couples who claim their horoscopes are incompatible, yet their marriage life is good and they live in perfect harmony. So does this expose the loopholes of Astrology? Or is it that these couples were simply exceptions? For a better analysis of the chemistry of odd couples, one must have a firm grasp over the complex concepts of astrology.

Reasons Why“Incompatible” Couples Attract

Astrology of odd couples
People today, most commonly regard Zodiac Signs as the conclusive and predominant element in match making, neglecting many other important aspects of astrological prediction. Every astrology enthusiast is familiar with 12 zodiac signs, each zodiac relate to elements like fire, water, air etc.Now it’s a widespread belief, if the couple has same horoscope signs, i.e. their zodiac elements are identical, in such case it’s safe to assume that couple will have great understanding between them otherwise it’s hard for both to maintaining their compatibility. It’s similar to the concept of fusing different elements like water and fire all together and study the overall result.

Although, this isn’t always the case; sometimes we do see people with zodiac sign of Aries (Fire) and Scorpio (water) having great compatibility even though both elements are inharmonious. This can be easily understood by a comprehensive study of the placement and conjugation of different planets in their birth chart. Each and every planet in our horoscope deals with different aspects of life like physical appearance, nature, wealth, family, health, age, love & marriage, etc. So, cutting of these prominent factors and just taking the zodiac signs into consideration won’t lead to the accurate results.

Some Other Factors

Another important factor includes the activity of a planet in your horoscope. This factor mostly depends on the time of birth, i.e. if the planet is rising it would be less influential, power of planet to alter the horoscope is dominant if it’s at peak during the birth time and if the planet is about to set, it’s dormant and can’t cause any significant effect on horoscopes, be it a good or bad. Considering all these facts, will provide you a better understanding on astrology of odd couples and their mutual attraction.

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