Can Horoscope Signs Help you predict the future?

Sitting under the night sky, staring at the far away constellations; did you ever question yourself regarding the effects of these distant heavenly bodies in our life? If you’re reading this, I can safely assume either it’s your passion for astrology or your curiosity that brought you here. In either case, I’ll be revealing some common facts of astrology and horoscopes.

People are keen to get insights of their futures; in fact, it’s human nature for eternity to explore that which is yet to be revealed. Each and every civilization around the world tried to reach beyond time; this led to the development of a new kind of science we know as Astrology.

To be more precise, Astrology isn’t some magical phenomenon, it’s a complete complex system developed over a period of thousands of years. Even in modern time, with all scientific achievements, capturing a glimpse of the future seems to be a far-fetched dream, Astrology might provide solace to those who wishes to go beyond time and change their present.

Nowadays, many newspapers, magazines, feature daily horoscope sign predictions, many websites and Apps provide services like matchmaking, love charts, etc. Plenty of people check their daily horoscopes before leaving for work. But can Horoscope signs predict the future?

Well, to be honest, horoscope or zodiac signs are an integral part of Astrology but they alone can’t decide your future. Considering the fact, crores of people round the world have a similar horoscope sign, but can you say for certain that all of their lives are similar on particular day? Of course , that’s not enough to prove that you can’t predict future on the basis of zodiac signs alone. Here are some common elements of horoscopes involved in predicting future:

Sun in Horoscope

The Sun, largest member of the solar system, continuous source of energy and sustains the life on earth. But did you know the astrological aspect of the sun and its significance in our Horoscopes? In astrology, sun is referred as one, who illuminates. Reading the position of the sun in the horoscope is must to predict the future.

Moon in Horoscope

For centuries, the moon is referred to be a mirror to the human heart and emotions. Many civilizations used lunar calendars to keep track of time and some even worshiped moon as a demigod. The significance of moon in horoscope can’t be denied, its position in the horoscope is deciding factor regarding the thoughts and creativity of the person.

Planets in Horoscope

Planets also play pretty significant role in predicting future, each planet represents different human traits. Taking the example of Mars; it’s often considered related to war and valor, some associates it with violence and blood due to its red color.

Date, Time and Location

Date, time and birth location are the key ingredients for creating an accurate horoscope. Two people born at the same time or same place may have same zodiac signs, but then the other 2 factors will greatly alter the course of their future.

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