What are some good sites on astrology and horoscopes?

At least once in a life, we all dreamed of the future, designing all kinds of blueprint for next 50 years. But does it always work as planned? Of course, the answer to the above is a big no. The life is so random and uncertain that deciding for the future is pretty much impossible, who knows what might happen next minute. But what if we do have a secret to wipe off the mist between the timeline and get a glimpse to the other side? The concept of time has been fascinating to humans since eternity, people often takes the help of astrologers, psychics to know their future.

Plenty of websites nowadays provide astrology services like matchmaking, daily predictions, and birth chart reading. This really makes it convenient for common people to learn more about their future, but before trying the paid astrological services, it’s mandatory to separate out the genuine astrology websites out of the crowd. To make things easy, here are few good sites on astrology and horoscopes.
Best astrology websites

Free Will Astrology

Created by Rob Brenzy, the world prominent astrologer; Free Will astrology is one of the best websites over the internet to get insights on current positions and forecasts on zodiac signs and planets. The author of this website is also a writer of many popular titles like “The Telivisonary Oracle” and “World Entertainment War”.


A prominent astrologer Mr Hemant Arunbhai, is the mind behind the creation of the popular astrology website < a GaneshaSpeaks.com. He is a firm believer in astrology, actively working on promoting astrology globally, he is often featured by many news channels and magazine covers. His website provides detailed reports on almost all astrological services like career, business, love, relationship, health and property by analysis of the birth chart


Astro.com is yet another magnificent website on astrology, providing services like personal daily horoscope, relationship analysis, yearly forecasts, matchmaking, physiological analysis and much more. They offer both paid and free services, it’s not mandatory to sign up for a free service; just enter the necessary details and you are good to go. I would personally start with a free plan and opt in for paid services after analyzing the results.


Astrobix is an astrology portal based on ancient Vedic astrology; I personally love their free detailed Vedic horoscope. They offer all kinds of astrology services like yearly analysis, kids horoscope, marriage compatibility, yogas in your birth chart and much more. Try for their free services, it won’t require sign up and takes less than a min. Their free birth chart analysis provides a full 40 pages report on your birth chart that include insights on your physical and mental capabilities, profession, health, marriage, family and much more.

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